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The MA-650V harnesses the full potential of power and speed. Designed with a dual-way system, this vertical machining center combines the heavy-duty cutting power of box ways with the high-speed capability of the linear guide. This unique approach creates a versatile machine able to accommodate multiple cutting and finishing needs on a single machine. Extreme power must be balanced by control. We designed the box ways on the MA-650V with an internal coolant system to eliminate overheating. A geared headstock provides maximum torque and horsepower throughout the entire RPM range for heavy machining.

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Highlighted Specs

Max Machining Volumein60.23 x 25.98 x 24.01
Table Sizein60.23 x 25.98
Spindle Speedmin⁻¹50-6,000 [50-12,000, 50-25,000]
Spindle Motor Powerhp30/20/15
Rapid Traverse X/Y/Zfpm131 / 131 / 98
Magazine Capacity 32 [48]
Max Machining Volumemm1,530 x 660 x 610
Table Sizemm1,530 x 660
Spindle Speedmin⁻¹50-6,000 [50-12,000, 50-25,000]
Spindle Motor PowerkW22/15/11
Rapid Traverse X/Y/Zm/min40 / 40 / 30
Magazine Capacity 32 [opt. 48]

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